American Green Card Visa

Often many have tried to differentiate between both terms or try to find out the similarities they may have; the truth is they both work hand in hand in trying to achieve similar goals.

The American Green Card Visa is legal document or an authorization which is in the form of a sticker or a stamp prepared by the department of state which confirms an individual(foreigner) to present themselves at a US border to request for entry into the US as a resident and remains there for a certain period of time, this is only temporary as you are bound to leave once the stated date on the stamp or sticker it is due. This isn’t the end of the road for you as you can also renew your visa after they expire.

By doing this as the foreigner, you are bound to fulfill a certain task which may include presenting some required documents, attend the visa interview at the American embassy and finally pay a specific visa fee.

An American Green Card Visa is a form of the identification card which contains the identification details of a person including the picture; it is issued out upon becoming a permanent resident in the US according to law. A green card holder is advised to carry it alongside all the time as you may have to face the law by jail or fine if you are being caught by the police without it.

The green card holders are regarded as those who have gained residence into the US either by marriage, lottery or by special programs, while some are because of refugee status. Irrespective of the means in which it was ascertained, the green cards are to be renewed after every ten years and holders have no voting right at all.

Applying for the American Green Card Visa and green card has been the earnest desire of many over time, this burning desire has pushed many into making mistakes that would hinder their visa and cost them extra years trying to find it.

Before applying for a visa or green card organization, you should first consider their types, and limit at which they can operate:



  • The immigrant visa; this visa is issued out to working in the US and living there.
  • The none immigrant visa; this visa is based on the purpose of studying in the US, visiting, health issues, or carrying out business.


you can apply for it as:

  • A family member or immediate relative of a US citizen
  • A special immigrant
  • An employee and worker
  • By green card lotteries


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