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An American Green Card Visa

Getting an American visa can be a little stressful based on the term you are Applying with. The American green visa Is a legal document given to you by the state which lets you go in and out of the country. This usually serves as a form of identification where details such as your picture and other information are present. It is usually issued once you get a permanent resident in the United States legally and according to the law.

As a green card holder, you are advised to carry it every time because it might come in handy in times you least expect and if you are caught without it, you might face either jail time or a fine. green card holders are usually thought to be resident owners who obtained the status through marriage, lottery or even through special programs. Others come with refugee status or by seeking asylum. But no matter the means in which it was gotten, they last a period of 10 years and then it would be renewed and as a permanent resident, you have no voting rights at all.

Getting a green card has been a dream for quite a lot of people, reason thousands of people apply for a visa yearly. Due to this, little mistakes can have you disqualified from Getting approved for a permanent resident. Therefore taking you a long time to obtain it.

What we do:

When applying for a visa or a green card, there are factors you need to consider and we walk you through them. To be able to get a visa, you first need to go know the types of visas and they include

  • Immigration Visa.
  • Non-immigrant visa which includes coming to America for other purposes such as studying, medical checkups or on business.

We also let you know if you are eligible to apply for a visa through

  • A family member
  • As a special immigrant
  • As an employee or a worker
  • Through green card lottery

What other services do we offer?

  • We help you know how to check your green card current priority date.
  • Ways you can get American citizenship.
  • How to get a US citizenship
  • About USCIS green card status.
  • Reasons Greencardorganisation is the best immigration company to get an employment green card.
  • Mistakes people make in applying for a green card
  • Why you should let Greencardorganisation handle all your family based green card requirements.



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