American Green Card Application

If there is anything people look forward to every year, then it is the American Green Card application, a program set up by the Immigrant Visa Program, to help people fulfill their dreams of becoming permanent residents of the United States of America, and getting access to all the benefits that come with being Americans, including good jobs, access to healthcare, and so many other benefits. This is why year in year out, people keep giving the program a try because the winners get to enjoy so many benefits. We cannot overemphasize how unique this lottery program is, because it is one of a kind and one that sees about 55,000 winners at the end of the program. Furthermore, the American Green Card application program is opened to everybody, excluding countries that have gotten excluded from the program. The only reason why some countries get excluded from the process is due to the fact that such countries may have already sent more immigrants than is allocated to them. In order to make that dream of relocating permanently to the US a reality, it is imperative that you go through the American Green Card application process, and you can emerge as one of the winners.


As earlier stated, the process takes place every year; hence, it is always good to be in the know about when it is beginning and when it will end. That way, you are adequately prepared for the process, as opposed to finding out when it is almost close to the deadline, and then you have to rush the application filling process. It is important to note that during the process of rushing the application filling, there is the susceptibility of errors, mistakes, incorrect inputs, etc. It may interest you to know that the slightest error on your document can lead to your disqualification, and when that happens, you will have to wait till the following year before you can apply.

Most times, filling the application seems easy and straightforward, as it is usually about the applicant’s bio-data, qualifications, medicals, and related data. However, as simple as it may seem, a lot of people have had their applications disqualified for different reasons, including mismatched information, incorrect data, etc.

If you want to get your American Green card application filled properly, then you need to employ our services as professionals in the field. We are a company that wants the best for our clients, including helping them achieve the dream of relocating to the United States of America, and that is why we painstakingly go through the process of helping our clients fill their American Green Car application properly and accurately. We do this every year, and so far, we have recorded so many successes.

It is not bad to want to do it yourself, but it is very possible to make minor mistakes, and no matter how minute the mistake is, chances are that you will get disqualified for such errors. Why go through that stress when you can reach out to us to help you.

American Green Card Application