Categories considered for humanitarian green cards by Greencardorganization

While the search or demand for green cards does not look like decreasing anytime soon, there are still avenues for those who have suffered in the hands of people to get a shot at a green card. This is made possible by the various alternatives which have been provided by the United States. Here at Greencardorganization, we offer the various categories through which an individual can get a humanitarian green card;


One of the popular ways of getting a humanitarian green card is through the refugee program. They have usually classified assets of people who are termed to have faced hardship or persecution in their home country. This persecution may have come by way of their race or language. It is important to note that only persons who have spent at least twelve months in the US are eligible for this route. If you feel you are eligible and have questions, Green card organization through our talented consultants are always ready to help

Human Trafficking

Persons who are suffered from human trafficking in the hands of other people are also eligible for the humanitarian green card. It is important to note that this would be applicable whether the person entered the United States legally or through an illegal way. However, if an applicant wished to be given a green card, he has to have lived in the United States for at least three years. Do you fit this category? Greencardorganization would be happy to help you solve any difficulties you encounter.

Persons who are deemed to have suffered real damage due to abuse mentally and physically are believed to be eligible for the humanitarian visa. Thus, these individuals are allowed to apply for the U visa. It is important to note that a U visa would only be granted to an applicant if they have been certified by one of the law enforcement organization in the country such as the police. It is also a requirement that the applicant must have dwelled in the US for 36 months (three years) before they become eligible.

If you are thinking of applying for any of these categories, then you would really benefit from the services which are offered by Greencardorganization. They would ensure that your application form are well filed and any interview conducted successfully. You can be assured that success is knocking on your doors.



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Categories considered for humanitarian green cards by Greencardorganization

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