Citizenship after Green Card

To earn citizenship after green card, the candidate would have lived in the United States for the duration of 5 years or three years (in cases where candidates have spouses that are US citizens). The process of getting citizenship after the green card is known as naturalization. At the point when an applicant finishes the entire procedure associated with citizenship after a green card, the candidate consequently ends up as a native or citizen of the United States. This goes without saying that Candidates that have attained citizenship after green card will have equal rights as citizens whose birthplace is in the US.

Ultimately, candidates that have naturalized or attained citizenship after green card will be able to partake in the electoral process of the United States if they want. On the other hand, there are a few requirements that partakers of this naturalization process have to fulfill before the attain citizenship after a green card.

How to get citizenship after green card?

Much the say as the process of winning a green card or permanent residence card, candidates will have to prove their worthiness to be alluded to as a United States citizen. First and foremost, will have to check his or her eligibility status for citizenship after a green card. You can without much of stretch know whether you’re eligible to attain citizenship after a green card or not. The Green card organization can help you know your eligibility status with their free eligibility status check.

Once you are satisfied that you are qualified for naturalization to become a citizen of the US, you can then take the next step. At this point in the naturalization process, you’ll have to provide relevant information to fulfill all the participation requirements on the registration form. This part of the process is almost as clear as crystal so you can do it on your own, however, you’ll have to digest a great deal of data when you are filling out the registration form. It is anything but difficult to get lost when you dealing with heaps of data. The smart thing to do to get optimal results in this naturalization process is to contract a well-experienced expert,  that will point you in the right direction.

Can I apply without renewing my expired green card?

It is quite understandable that candidates whose green card renewal time has elapsed will not want to waste time renewing their expired green card since they’ll have no need for it after naturalization. In spite of the fact that USCIS is not thrilled about letting candidates with expired or old-fashioned green cards to partake in the naturalization process, they more often than not allow it. On the other hand, this is where the usefulness and effectiveness of a well experienced that’ll take you by the hand and guide you on what and what not to do during the naturalization process. For this reason, it bodes well that you consult a professional before you start your naturalization process in the United States of America.


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Citizenship after Green Card