Citizenship and Immigration Services

The citizenship and immigration service is an agency under the United States Department of Homeland Security, that manages the naturalization and the immigration of the United States. Also known as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, the agency performs several tasks such as visa applications for work, citizenship, and asylum, eliminating immigration case backlogs, safeguarding national security, processing and attending to different immigration matters and as well as improving efficiency.

The USCIS has a new goal that is favorable to migrants, the goal is to make the processing of migrant’s applications more efficient. In an attempt to achieve their goal, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has reduced their backlogs of applications.

Furthermore, in an attempt to also achieve the goal of processing migrant applications more efficiently, the USCIS made provision for customer service where customers issues can be attended to and the agency also included the USCIS contact center, where information is given in both Spanish and English. Customer services were also provided through the application support center (ASC), the internet and other means.

The United States Citizenship and immigration services have its focus on two key points for the migrant’s voyage towards Civic integration;

  • When migrants have decided to begin their formal naturalization process.
  • When migrants first legally become permanent residents.

A permanent resident lawful) is a potential citizen of the United States either by means of naturalization or marriage. A lawful permanent citizen that holds the permanent resident card for five years without traveling out of the United States and staying not more than 180 days is eligible and can officially begin their naturalization process, however this period of five years can be reduced to three years if the migrants with a permanent resident is married to the United States Citizen and has lived with the spouse for three years in the United States.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services handles the processing materials and the forms for naturalization and immigration. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services presently handles two different forms;

  • Forms related to immigration
  • Forms related to naturalization

These forms have an alphanumeric sequence having one letter and two to three digitals to follow and the forms also have specific names. The naturalization forms are denoted with an N and that of the immigration an I, so it goes like this for the naturalization; N-347, if you are applying for naturalization and that of the immigration goes like I-624, Permanent Resident Card.

The USCIS is the direct body to work with for Citizenship and immigration.


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