Common Mistakes people make in their adjustment of status by Greencardorganization

If you currently live in the United States and you wish to get a green card, then you most likely know that going through the adjustment of status process is the best route to follow. We at Greencardorganization realize the importance of getting the interview process go smoothly. Hence, we have decided to present to your common mistakes which people make during the interview of adjustment of status. Here are some of them:

Wrong documents

One of the biggest issues which people face during the interview is the problem of bringing the wrong documents to the USCIS. This would pose a problem as the office might not be able to make a decision that day with incomplete documents. Thus, what could have been decided in one day might be postponed for days, even months. For this reason, Greencardorganization is committed to ensuring that the filing of forms by our client is done the right way.


If your English is not good enough, then you might need an interpreter for the interview. Granted, speaking English may have a lasting effect on the officer. However, trying to speak English when you are not competent in it could go horribly wrong. Thus, it is important for you to get a good interpreter before going to the interview. This would ensure good communication with the USCIS officer at all times.

Inappropriate Comments

While it is good to be free and stay true to yourself, it is also important to watch what you say. Saying things that are impolite or are unnecessary may work against you in the wrong run. Thus, you should ensure that you answer questions which are directed to you and stay off making some sarcastic remarks which would get you into trouble. Here at Greencardorganization, we are always looking for ways to train our clients as to what is acceptable in an interview. We yearn to see them achieve their goals of getting a green card. Thus, we put a lot of efforts in offering quality advice which would prove to be beneficial.

Staying away from these common mistakes would ensure that you stay away from common problems too. You would be able to get your green card and impress the officer in one try. Greencardorganization is forever looking for ways to keep you happy and satisfied with our services.



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Common Mistakes people make in their adjustment of status by Greencardorganization