Diversity Visa lottery program

What is Diversity visa lottery program?

The diversity visa program is also known as the DV program. It is a program administered by the United States Department of States because of the rise in the need for Visa’s by immigrants. The diversity immigrants program makes up a large number of immigrant visa made available every year. Individuals from different countries are randomly selected according to their entries. However, the immigration rates into the united state had been observed to be low.

Are winners of the Diversity Visa lottery program allowed as legal residents?

The answer is yes! Though, it is only a small number of lottery winners who as at the time of winning the lottery were not legal immigrants. However, once the lottery has been won, and eligibility criteria’s are met, the winner is then granted, legal residents.

What are the Eligibility criteria’s

 These are criteria’s a lottery winner must meet in other to fully benefit from the Diversity visa lottery program. They include

  • The candidate must establish that he or she has been selected for a diversity visa by the lottery Department of States.
  • The candidate must establish that he or she possesses an immigrant visa before filing an adjustment application,
  • And such immigrant visa is admissible in the United States.


How to acquire a Diversity visa

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What are my chances of winning the lottery if I apply

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Diversity Visa lottery program