Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery

The Electronic Diversity Lottery is also known as Green Card Lottery which is conducted by the US Department of State. This program opens up the opportunity for 50,000 people to qualify for immigration into the US. The program is an annual program available worldwide to people from countries with lower immigration rates into the United States.

The electronic Diversity Visa lottery program is an opportunity to live and work in the US after meeting the eligibility requirements. The program takes place in a way that, a good number of people from different countries with a lower rate of immigration into the United States are

selected randomly to be beneficiaries. The diversity Visas are distributed among 6 geographical regions with a lower rate of immigration with each of them not having more than 7 percent of the 50,000 diversity Visa released every year.

This program is usually up for a specified period of time in which you can register as an applicant of the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery. The registration for this Visa program is usually done online, no form of paper entry. It is important to know that late entries are not accepted. If you are not able to meet up with the specified date, you may need to wait till another year, so interested individuals are advised to be on the leap. One of the biggest factors that may cause you to be disqualified from the electronic Diversity Visa Lottery is multiple entries. The department of states uses an advanced and sophisticated technology which they use to detect multiple entries. This simply means that the submission of more than one entry can get you disqualified.

Eligibility Requirements For Diversity Visa Lottery

There are eligibility requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible for the Electronic Diversity Visa lottery. Firstly, you must be a citizen or native of a country qualified for the US Visa lottery. Being a citizen of an eligible country may be through the various process of citizenship including place of birth, marriage or registration, or through descent/ inheritance from parents.

Also, an applicant must have at least a high school education – successful completion of secondary school which is equivalent to a high school leaving certificate in the US or have 2 years work experience in a field that requires at least 2 years training.

Usually, there is no minimum age for the electronic diversity lottery program, however, the high school requirement or work experience for application will cause many people under 18 years to be disqualified. You do not need to speak or write English to be qualified, neither do you need a job offer, but you must be able to work in order to support yourself. You do not even need to have relatives there, you only need to qualify with the earlier stated eligibility requirements.

Any criminal record or mental disturbance may cause you to be disqualified,  you won’t be allowed to be a threat to the national interest.


You can choose to go through the registration process on your own, but it is not advisable because the system has zero tolerance for mistakes or multiple registrations. Trust us to provide you with all the assistance you need for a successful registration.


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