Getting My Green Card Through A Job

Getting my green card has been a problem for a lot of persons. This is usually borne by the fact that a lot of persons do not understand the various options of getting my green card. Luckily enough, we are here for you. Our track record has shown that everyone that we have worked with has successfully gotten their green cards. Why is this possible?

Getting my green card has been made possible by us because once someone comes to us, we first analyze the options available to the person. One of the visa options currently available is meant for those persons that want to work in the country.

Usually, the type of visa that you are given is dependent on the kind of work, and its conditions. For some persons, getting a green card through a job is possible because of their qualifications and the company that employed them.

For others, they are given a temporary work visa for them to work for a limited period of time and head back to their countries.

The former is one that guarantees you a green card, and possibly citizenship if you meet the right requirements. A lot of persons have the intention of staying permanently in the United States, but not getting the green card or the immigrant visa can’t offer them this opportunity.


What Is The Difference Between Getting My Green Card And A Temporary Visa

You may be wondering how getting my green card is different from a temporary visa.

There are some persons that come into a country to get a job done and go once the job is done. Those persons are given nonimmigrant or temporary visas based on how long they intend to carry out the job. For someone that wants to stay permanently, this option should be avoided.

If you don’t want to stay for a short and while, then the other one should be opted for. This allows you to stay permanently in the United States. This may seem simple, but it is important to note that getting my green card is far from easy, but it can be made easier if you use the needed help and support from an expert US Green Card Consulting Firm like Green Card Organization.


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