Green Card current priority date

You’re probably wondering what your green card priority date is and how to go about it. Your green card current priority date, as an applicant, is given to you after submitting your applications for permanent residency. The priority date is to let you know your place on the visa queue in order to get your green card.

Your Green Card priority date would be based on your preferred category and some of these categories include.

Family-based visa preference categories include

  • Family 1st Preference (F1)
  • Family 2nd Preference (F2)
  • Family T3rd Preference (F3)
  • Family 4th Preference (F4)

Employment-based preference visa categories include:

  • Employment 1st Preference (E1): Priority Workers
  • Employment 2nd Preference (E2): Advanced Degree Professionals
  • Employment 3rd Preference (E3): Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers
  • Employment 4th Preference (E4): Certain Special Immigrants
  • Employment 5th Preference (E5): Immigrant Investors

Note that visa limits exist, and each category has a number of visas they can be issued out in a year. Family-sponsored visa has Minimum of 226,000 a year while Employment-based visas have a minimum of 140,000 a year. Your country of nationality also plays a role in how quickly you can get your visa. Just like the number of visas allocated to your category, visa limitations in your country also affect how soon you can get your green card. If your category has already been filled up and visas exhausted, then you have to wait for the next year and so forth till you can get your visa.


Is my Green Card current?

A green card priority date is given to applicants When there are not enough green cards to go around. This could be caused by the number of applications exceeding the total number of green cards to be issued out in that particular year. Once your status is current it means your immigrant visa number is available. Your priority date green card will be printed by the top part of the Form I-797 which would be issued to you.

For you to know if your visa is current, you can follow up with the US Department of state Current visa bulletins which are issued monthly. When your application for a green card is finally approved, USCIS will issue your approval on Form I-797, Notice of Action with Your priority date on it.  Once you check and your priority date is current, you can then apply for an Adjustment of status.


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