What is USCIS?

USCIS means United States Citizenship and Immigration status. It is a government agency whose duty is to oversee lawful immigration into the united states, process citizenship application, regulate employment within the US, manage immigration of family members, and so on.

Why keep track on USCIS?

As a result of the thousands of applications received by the USCIS, rather than just filing your application and sitting back, it is important that you continuously keep track on status to see if there might be any issues that may cause for delay in processing your case and to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner.

How to track your status

  • Through The greencardorganization

This is a legal nongovernmental organization that can help you track your status. The company also helps you in acquiring your visa. If working and living in the United States has always been your dream, the greencardorganization is at your service to help you acquire your US green card. Greencardorganization also supports you through the process of registration down to acquiring your visa. Greencardorganization also renders other services such as consulting, how to answer questions (if the individual wins the lottery), directing and preparing candidates for interview in the general embassy of that country and many more. To contact greencardorganization, visit

The advantage of letting the greencardorganization Track your USCIS

  • It saves your time

Letting greencardorganization track your USCIS would save your time because the tracking job is being done by the company on your behalf and the time you would have spent doing the tracking would be used for other activities.


  • The greencardorganization Is consistent

The greencardorganization is known for its consistency. And consistency is needed in tracking your USCIS in other for your case to be attended to within a reasonable time. Tracking your USCIS yourself might lack consistency because if your busy schedule. So to get your case attended to on time, click


  • The greencardorganization is reliable

Entrusting your USCIS tracking to the greencardorganization works in your advantage because the company is reliable and would ensure your case is properly attended to.


  • Level of experience

Because of the level of experience acquired by the greencardorganization, you can be assured that your applications and petition would have no errors and this would speed up your petition process which will only lead to success in the end. Whereas, lots of errors are likely to occur if you decide to track your USCIS yourself and this would delay your petition process.


However, if you decide to track your USCIS yourself, you could track by

  • Phone

Calling the USCIS to help you check your pending status. You would be attended to with or without your receipt number. However, depending on their schedule, you could be placed on temporary hold


  • Emails

You could also sign up for automatic updates to be sent through your email.


  • By scheduling with your local office so you can speak to an immigration officer in person


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