Naturalization after green card – how to achieve it

If you are a green card holder who is living in the US, you would surely be pleased with how far you have come. Most people after getting their green cards to the US would set their eyes on the various ways in which they can acquire US citizenship. One of the possible route to citizenship in the US would be by naturalization. But how can you achieve naturalization after green card? First, let us find out what naturalization would mean.

The immigration and National act which is also known as the INA has lain out certain requirements which one of foreign origin must pass before he can be regarded to be a citizen of the US. Naturalization after green card happens when an individual has passed all the requirements which have been laid down in the act.

If you a green card holder and you are ready for naturalization after green card, then you would surely be wondering the requirements which would be needed before you would be allowed to gain your naturalization after a green card. Here are some of the requirement;

  • You must have been a green card holder for at least five years. this combined with all other requirements would ensure that you qualify for the award of naturalization
  • You should have been a green card holder for at least three years. This would hold if you are married to someone who is already a US citizen. You should have acquired this requirement in combination with others which would be needed.
  • You could have served in the army and be eligible for naturalization after green by meeting the other requirements which are necessary if one has to become a US citizen
  • If you are always a US citizen but you have a child who was not born in the US, that child would qualify for US citizenship through naturalization. This would be true irrespective of the fact that the child is no longer living in the US.

There are other ways through one can also qualify to become a US citizen. To find out more, you could check out the policy manual which has been written for naturalization after green card and the various steps which you would need to take. It is important to note that you could already have US citizenship especially if your parents or guardian had already attained citizenship before you reach the age of 18.

The process of getting a green card or becoming a citizen through naturalization can prove to be quite stressful, to say the least. While it is possible for an individual to perform all the processes by yourself, the possibility of making a mistake would so much higher than when a professional handle it.

We are always ready to keep a helping hand to all our clients. Whether you need advice from experts or you need to file your things, we would always look for ways to make sure that your application is a success.


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Naturalization after green card – how to achieve it