Tips on How to Become a US Citizen

Every year, there are a lot of migrants coming into the United States for work, residency or the start/invest in a business. However, the process of becoming a US Citizen is slowly becoming a hassle because the US government has placed so many bars for individuals trying to become US Citizens. It is also disheartening because the US Citizenship and Immigration Service has put in a lot of effort to inform migrants and Permanent Residents on the need to become Citizens of the US and have also provided means by which they can obtain Citizenship, however, most people do not have an idea of the processes involved in becoming a US Citizen. This leads to continuous denial in the application process. In this article, we will be dissecting a few tips on how to become a US Citizen.

  1. Have a green card.

Having a green card is a very important step on the way to become a US Citizen. A green card serves as your Right of entry as it shows that you are eligible to work or reside in or do business in any particular firm that is based in the US. This is the first and one of the most important documents you need to get.


  1. Fulfill all residency and personal requirements

To fulfill all residency requirements, you must make sure that:

  • You are above 18 years’ old.
  • You can speak and understand English fluently.
  • You possess excellent moral character.
  • You must have lived in the US for at least 5 years and has not traveled out of the US more than 80 times during these 5 years.
  • You have to show to the US Citizenship and Immigration service that you have lived in your particular state and you have been present in the US for a minimum of three months.

These are the basic criteria you need to fulfill all residency requirements.


  1. Submit your application and give in your biometric details

Another key thing to do is to fill and submit your application forms and your biometric details like fingerprints, photographs, etc. The USCIS will accept your details and then forward them to the FBI for a brief background check. Then you will be sent the details of the date and time of the appointment.


  1. Practice for your tests and write them.

The last step is to write your test. You will be asked several questions concerning your personal background and some questions concerning aptitude testing.


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