USCIS Green Card Status

In a year, thousands of people sent applications and petitions to USCIS for a green card status. After you’ve filed your application or petition with USCIS, it takes time for your case to be processed due to a large number of people with the same green card application. You have to keep track to ensure you know when your application has been approved and if there are issues which might be delaying your case. Some applications may take weeks or months to get approved. Some might take weeks and months to process too.

How can I check my USCIS Green Card status?

You can check your case by calling this number 1-888-433-01-35. It is a USCIS number, where you can call to make enquires. If you do not have a receipt number, you shouldn’t worry much as you can still place a call. Your call could be put on hold for a period of time or answered immediately. This depends on how busy the staff is.

Another alternative to calling, if you do not like being kept on hold is by sending a mail through a local USCIS field office. Your letter should include your information such as your full name (the name you used in the application), your date of birth, your A-number, the place you applied, the date you applied and lastly, your receipt number if you have one.

You can also go to a USCIS office to confirm your status. You should remember to go with your receipt number if you have one. It is necessary to check your USCIS green card status.

Another simple way to check your USCIS status is checking it online. All you have to do is go to the USCIS website, click on USCIS check status and input your 13-character receipt number which consists of 10 numbers and 3 letters. The letters come first. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to check your USCIS green card status.

You can sign up with USCIS to stay updated.  If you prefer to have your case updates sent to your phone when you’ve created an account with USCIS, a space to input your phone number for SMS updates would be provided. This way, you would always be notified when a case status occurs. If you want to receive updates through your mail, then you can input your email address.


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