Ways You Can Acquire American Citizenship

Maybe you have always wanted to become a Citizen of the United States, or you have lived there for a very long time and you want to be able to enjoy the rights and benefits that come with being a Citizen. Not to worry! There are different ways you can acquire American Citizenship and live the life of your dreams.

One of the commonest ways of getting American Citizenship is through naturalization. This is being given to persons that have spent not less than five years in the US as a legal resident. First, the applicant needs to have his/her green card, which can be gotten through your job, family or as a refugee or asylum seeker. Then you have to submit all necessary legal and personal documents, stating that you are not less than eighteen years of age, have a good command of English language, be of good behavior, lived lawfully in the United States for the last five years, and others. After successful completion, ensure you give your biometrics, prepare for tests and interviews, and then swear an oath of allegiance to the country.

Another way of acquiring American Citizenship is by marriage. If your partner is already a Citizen, ensure you get a green card through your spouse. During the interview, talk about your marriage extensively and provide all the necessary documents and proofs. The government is quite aware of many fake marriages done to get the green card, so they want to be convinced that your marital status is assured. When that is completed, you can then go ahead to give your biometrics and take the oath.

People also become American Citizens through their parents, if he/she is born to both or either parents that are US Citizens, whether they were born outside the country or not. It can also apply if the parents are unmarried, but only if they are living in the US and take responsibility for the child. Also, adopted children can become Citizens as long as they are living legally with their parents and adopted rightfully.

They can also get American Citizenship by birth, which is one of the ways parent opt to nowadays. A child can automatically qualify for Citizenship if he/she is born either in the US or one of its territories.

People working in the military service (those that have served in peace and wartimes) can also acquire American Citizenship. However, they have to show that they have been of good conduct and exercise good knowledge of English and civics.


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Ways You Can Acquire American Citizenship